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Bones are incredibly durable and undergo a very slow breakdown process, and because of this resistance, the bones can provide a multitude of individual characteristics such as a person's gender, approximate age, race and any skeletal injuries.

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Forensic anthropologists also assist in creating facial reconstructions so that a composite of the victim can be made in an attempt to identify them. This practice is often used to estimate the time of death when circumstances surrounding the crime are unknown. Entomologists know how long it takes for each species of bug to "arrive at the scene", and can work their way backwards to figure out the time of death.

We will be covering this more in depth later on this term. Forensic psychiatrists are often retained for civil and criminal lawsuits. In civil cases, they will make decisions about whether people are competent to prepare wills, settle on property, or refuse medical treatment. In criminal cases they will evaluated behavioural disorders, determine if people are competent to stand trial, and aid in the selection of the jury.

Forensic psychologists will also examine behavioural patterns in crime and criminals to help in developing a suspect's profile. This area is a personal favourite of mine, as it's what I'm studying in school - so we will definitely be covering this again later in the term! Because teeth are composed of enamel - the hardest substance in the body, the teeth can outlast all other tissues and organs as decomposition begins. The alignment, characteristics and overall structure of teeth are very unique to the individual and are a great tool for identification.

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Forensic odontologists can use dental records, dental x-rays or even just a photograph of a person's smile to compare to a victim. Another application of odontology is bite mark analysis. If a bite mark is left as evidence, an odontologist can compare it to a suspect.

They will try to answer the questions "how did an accident or structural failure occur? Accident scenes are examined, photographs looked over and any sort of mechanical object is inspected. It involves identification, collection, preservation and examination of information from computers and other digital devices, such as cell phones!

Work normally involves the recovery of deleted or overwritten data from a computer's hard drive and the tracking of hacking activities. When a case is submitted, rarely does it fall into just one field. It's a huge, joint, and collaborative effort between all of the units. For example, when the letter below was sent to a US senator, it went to numerous fields to be analyzed. Leone Lattes - OldForensics Bloodstains 4. History of Forensic Science. Calculating Clues From Bones.

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