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Then let bygones be bygones and start a new relationship. Get together if possible and make it final with a hug or a handshake. Consider creating a Facebook group for your graduating class. This is a great way to keep in touch, send out notices and get everyone all in one place on Facebook. You find yourself single again and looking for love. You go to Facebook and start looking up people you used to date or wanted to date. Soon you find that your high school sweetheart is also single. This is your chance for love.

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Take the chance and say hi, then let him know you're single too and suggest getting together for lunch. Can't hurt!

Share Pin Email. This longtime web enthusiast and consultant has a broad knowledge of how personal web pages work. Updated December 06, No matter what is going on in their life. Who cares if reaching out to them is awkward, maybe something that they say will make you feel better about the whole situation.

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Maybe not but what is the worst that can happen? I just understood, a little feeling I had for a girl right an year ago, a feeling of friendship. It was The night of new year and Only she was there to ask me to join the party, while I was sitting in a corner of my life thinking how mess my life is. While she pushed me into the party fun and Made the enjoy the crackles and fun around.

I seriously have no clue why was she so important to me.

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Maybe her presence made me feel too happy and got positive vibes into me.. Sadly after few months of being close happy friends, I have no clue what just happened… All of sudden, everything just changed.. Maybe I have fear.. Go ahead and talk to your best friend.

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Get things clear. Just go up to him Your Close Friend. Just for once. A recent ex-boyfriend just lost his mother and I want to be supportive. Our relationship was long-distance and ended a little time ago, so all I could do when he emailed me to give me the news was to offer some words and to be open in case he wanted to talk or vent, which he did a day later. Not rude, but really to the point. Do you have any suggestions? What do I do now, except from nothing?

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I had a very close best friend in college who was my roommate there for a number of years. After college I left the area, began working, and became quite immersed in my job. She kind of drifted. We lost touch because neither of us made a particular effort not to. I would periodically visit my college area to visit friends with whom I did still have contact and I would try to get together with Roommate. There was not a big effort on her part to make it happen.

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One of my friend told me that Roommate must not be too interested in us getting together, because she never helped make arrangements. I decided Friend was right and stopped attempting contact. Move ahead 15 years. I still missed Roommate, even though I had new friends, and some old. She wrote back fairly quickly and we were in touch again.

I visited her several times and for some reason it seemed awkward but I did have a good time. It was weird, because other college friends I could not see for years and then we would get together and it would be like we talked every day.

Anyway, we started to drift again, but I would send her a Christmas card each year, bringing her up to date on what was going on. So I did. Each Christmas I would feel like trying the contact, so I did. Never heard back. Find friends of friends as well, and see if there are connections. Cutie boy you obviously have no concept on anything. Lets address the first part of your comment "No there not" sorry to burst your moron bubble but yes they are. Lets address the second part of your comment "Who searches about n old class mate" your grammar is poor for one and for 2 people search all the time for old classmates especially if they were friends to catch up with them, find out whats up, find out about reunions, get together the list goes on and on of course you should know this.

Now to address your last part of your comment "Stalkers" Stalkers are people who stalk people to either harass them or hurt them etc and reconnecting with old friends, classmates, etc is not stalking but you seem to have no grasp of reality. But in short yes these sites work. I typically use people search sites like Pipl.

Most people have active Facebook accounts but sites like the ones in your article complement it.

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There is something like a social fatigue also. People move away from sites like MySpace, Facebook etc, then these sites and probably LinkedIn can help out. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Andrew Dexter. Graham Pearce. Beulah Delange. Pamela Benton. I am not interested in anything but friendship Pamela wooten benton. David Noble. Nashua Dentist.