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  • N.J. residents born in Puerto Rico are required to get new birth certificates to curb forgeries.
  • Puerto Rico Begins Allowing Transgender People to Change Their Birth Certificates | Lambda Legal.
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In cases involving minors the Puerto Rico department of children and families can often get involved and appear in court to oppose the proceedings or to request to be heard. This happens quite often with adoptions. When a baby born in Puerto Rico is adopted in the United States, after the adoptions process takes place in the state where the adoptive parents live, they must bring a law suit in Puerto Rico, called "Exequatur", to register the out of state order.

This can substantially add to the cost of adoptions and a baby born in Puerto Rico. As you can see, there are many obstacles involved in updating or changing a birth certificate in Puerto Rico. This issues can add up in terms of costs and in terms of time.

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Given the new policy by the government and the short window of time given how slow things tend to move in Puerto Rico, it is important for people that need to correct a Puerto Rico birth certificate or change their name to move quickly to start the process. Unfortunately, there is often no other way around this.

So it is best to plan. Our Puerto Rico lawyers can help you every state of the way with name changes, correcting your birth certificate or changing your name in Puerto Rico.

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For years, Puerto Rico refused to recognize the identity of transgender Puerto Ricans. Now, following our historic victory in April, Puerto Rico will finally allow transgender people to correct the gender marker on their birth certificates to accurately reflect who they are. Birth certificates are more than a piece paper.

Constitution, as well as the First Amendment, by forcing transgender Puerto Ricans, through their birth certificates, to identify with a gender that is not who they are. On April 3, , the district court granted Lambda Legal's request to strike down Puerto Rico's policy prohibiting transgender people from correcting the gender marker on their birth certificates.. On April 20, , the court issued its final opinion and order, in which it held that Puerto Rico's birth certificate policy violated the decisional and informational privacy rights of transgender Puerto Ricans.

According to the U.

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Transgender Survey, almost one-third of transgender individuals who showed an identity document with a name or gender marker that conflicted with their perceived gender were harassed, denied benefits or services, discriminated against, or assaulted. Transgender individuals also are disproportionately targeted for hate crimes.

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