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How to Use the IP Geolocation Tool

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Reading this inside out: We get the value of the URL parameter named ip , defaulting it to the remote user's IP address - it may contain multiple addresses separated by space or comma-space. Note that the ipLookUp function was modified.

Ip address - Google Maps Help

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The IP address that you specify in the ip-address-fieldname argument, is looked up in the database. Fields from that database that contain location information are added to each event. The setting used for the allfields argument determines which fields are added to the events.

Find your current IP address and additional information including maps and location info.

Because all the information might not be available for each IP address, an event can have empty field values. The iplocation command is a distributable streaming command. See Command types. The Splunk software ships with a copy of the GeoLite2-City. You can replace the version of the.

When you upgrade your Splunk platform, the GeoLite2-City.

IP Location

One option is to store the MMDB file in a different path. If you prefer to update the GeoLite2-City. The path that is used by the Splunk software to access the file must be updated. Never change or copy the configuration files in the default directory. The files in the default directory must remain intact and in their original location.

Make the changes in the local directory. If you wish to discuss or request this, please file a Support ticket. The iplocation command is a distributable streaming command , which means that it can be processed on the indexers. The share directory is not part of the knowledge bundle. If you update the MMDB file in the share directory, the updated file is not automatically sent to the indexers in a distributed deployment.

To add the MMDB file to the indexers, use the tools that you typically use to push files to the indexers. Add location information to web access events. By default, the iplocation command adds the City , Country , lat , lon , and Region fields to the results. Search for client errors in web access events, returning only the first 20 results. Add location information and return a table with the IP address, City, and Country for each client error.

Add all of the fields in the GeoLite2-City. Generate a choropleth map of your data like the one below using the iplocation command. Have questions? Visit Splunk Answers and see what questions and answers the Splunk community has using the iplocation command. If you edit the limits. This is always required for limits. This applies only if you want to modify the location of the MMDB file.

If you are updating the existing file but not modifying the path in limits.

However any real-time searches would need to be restarted. I've updated the documentation to reflect this info.