How to locate a missing person

How to track a missing person through a smartphone app

We assure confidentiality at all times; the subject remains unaware of our enquiries, which are routinely conducted with absolute sensitivity and discretion. Many agencies trace investigations merely consist of an online search. At EJM Investigations this is only a starting point. We can where necessary deploy agents to make local enquiries, knock on doors, contact relatives, friends or employers. Each case is dealt with after a full consultation with the clients, and the enquiries made will be tailored to the level of discretion required.

How To Locate A Missing Person For A Civil Lawsuit

As with all investigations, EJM Investigation ensures we keep clients up to date with progress of their case and consult them on any crucial decision. The cost of finding people, essentially depends on the information that is available about the person's circumstances and therefore the complexity of the investigation and searches required to locate a person.

Part of our service is to ensure we find the most linear, straightforward approach to finding a person.

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This is accomplished by asking the right questions before starting enquiries. Having up to date background facts reduces the cost of investigation in comparison to the more intricate requirements for locating people whose full identity is unknown, tracing birth parents or tracing people internationally.

Trace Missing Persons

Locating a missing person is often an intricate or delicate operation requiring sensitivity, tact, and professional understanding. EJM Investigation's reputation relies on us creating a considerate and supportive environment and carrying out our services with discretion and professionalism at all times. The opinions expressed here belong to Kieffer Ramirez.

A civil lawsuit is usually initiated when an individual files a personal complaint against a liable party in the local civil courthouse. Typically, civil lawsuits are conflicts that involve monetary requests for compensation or reimbursements from one person against either a company or an individual.

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Settlement negotiations resolve some cases while others undergo a court process. Civil court cases take longer than most people expect, as there are procedural rules and lawsuit processes that cannot be sped up.

Locate Missing Persons In Australia & Overseas

It can take many months or even years to reach a conclusion. Each procedure takes time and moreover, court calendars fill up quickly. Due to the length of civil cases, some defendants go into hiding in order to avoid being served with subpoenas. A process server is hired to deliver the documents to the defendant. If the defendant is not home, the server hands the document over to a resident of the premises, provided the person is over the age of 18 and depending on the laws of that particular state.

Every state has its own unique laws on the correct procedure of delivering an absent subpoena so be sure to check your local state laws. That tactic does not always result in service, so the document is considered improperly received by the defendant. In this scenario, lawsuits can stall indefinitely. Luckily, there are a few options available to process servers who are unable to locate their subjects.


Process servers often possess the knowledge and experience to locate subjects quickly and effectively by utilizing several online and offline tools. Skip tracing for process servers is the art of finding a hard-to-find individual with the intent to serve them with legal papers.

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